Dancing With Fahim

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ENCORE! is a band I’ve just discovered. Love ‘em. Wish they had more tracks. Here’s three though you greedy bastards. I’m assuming they’re French because they’re dope and the blogs I found the tracks on are all in French. Deductive reasoning ya’ll.

i actually wrote Jupiter a message waaaay back when people were still on myspace. i thought their track “starlighter” was the dopest thing ever. they actually wrote back which i thought was pretty cool. they’ve put out some cuts here and there but none have tickled my fancy quite like this. really a departure from their spacey laser synth sound. this is just thick, funky disco house. gotta love that bass.

heard kangaroo court when it came out and loved the unapologetic bubbly synths. today Shook came along and gave his mellow funk twist to it. dig both.

Gordon Voidwell - XO Boyfriend